To allow Telecor remote access, please download one of the following:

    • TeamViewer Quick Support (Version 12)
      Download TeamViewer Remote Control
    • Telecor MeshCentral Assistant
      Download MeshCentral Assistant

For eSeries Tech Support, please have the following ready before contacting Telecor Technical Support:

      1. An ePort
      2. A Telecor Resource Center Account
      3. A PC with the following software installed:
        • eSeries Manager
        • Microsoft Excel

Recommended additional free software for support with an eSIP:

Recommended additional hardware:

    1. A spare PoE Switch to test for network isolation
    2. A spare speaker, call switch, and wires for support with an eSBM-TB or eTBU-MI
    3. A monitor, keyboard, and mouse for support with an eMH or eSIP