Crystal clear audio with no recurring fees

eSeries™ uses Ethernet technology to pass power and data over your facility’s Ethernet network. Simplified network planning and easy programming and installation reduce your costs.

The simplicity of Telecor’s Just-Plug-It-In design means eSeries does not require any network configuration or administration, eliminating IP address and server requirements.

eSeries is the foundation of our eSurecom layered approach to mass notification and crisis management.


  • No centralized head-end, server or controller required
  • No central point of failure
  • Supervised end-point devices
  • Integrates with your existing telephone system
  • Wide range of devices for intercom, paging, public address and clocks
  • Easily expandable and upgradable
  • Configuration changes can be made using spreadsheet application

Event Management

Master Clock & Message Host is an easy-to-use web-based graphical user interface for managing eSeries operations on- or off-site. It incorporates customizable tones, pre-recorded audio files and textual messages which can be activated automatically by schedules and broadcast to eSeries devices.

The interface features comprehensive schedules and updating in real-time, bell schedules, emergency response management, built-in emergency drill management, fault notification and more.


Mobile Quick Access

Mobile Quick Access (MQA) allows staff members to quickly activate emergency notifications on the school’s eSeries communication system, regardless of the user’s location.

MQA provides users with a choice of button options. Each user account can be customized to have access to different buttons, allowing staff a choice of notifications, depending on their permissions.


Visual Graphical User Interface

Visual Console’s easy-to-use graphical interface simplifies call processing, paging, audio distribution, schedules, and emergency operations by organizing icons onto dedicated pages. Routine operations become automated, removing multiple steps.


Virtual Call Station

Designed to mimic the look and behavior of physical call stations, eCall features interactive and animated virtual buttons. User inputs such as a mouse click or finger press initiate a call to a designated location.

eCall can be customized to combine various buttons and associated features from a variety of call station models.

eCall Status LED supports call assurance and notification of station-related trouble with status LED blinks.


Alarm Management

Alarm Manager provides real-time room status during a lockdown event in a facility. Occupants in locations designated as Shelter in Place, such as classrooms, can report their status directly to the front office or command center.

Responders can view the status on a room-by-room basis, clearly displayed on a detailed facility floor map, using the Visual Console graphical user interface.


Desktop Management

eDesktop generates a pre-programmed series of user operations from a single action, reducing time and increasing efficiency.

Shortcuts can activate any eSeries function by clicking an icon. These include activating: alerts, audio distributions, coded and plain text messages, intercom operations, and more.


District-Wide Live Paging

The Paging Server enables live paging announcements to be initiated from a centralized location to one facility, a group of facilities or all locations simultaneously across a WAN. For school facilities, a central office can communicate live in an emergency.


Event Log

Know all and see all historical data when you connect eLog to the network. Record all eSeries network activity and collect forensic data 24/7.


Text & Email Notifications

DWConnect automatically distributes notifications when an emergency event occurs at a facility. Notifications can be sent by text or email to a pre-defined group responsible for managing critical situations.


Area of Refuge

This ADA compliant fully supervised station features normal and emergency call-in capabilities from a single, rugged call station with high visibility.

eAOR includes a tamper-proof call switch and vandal-proof speaker assembly that supports auxiliary functions like a door release, siren and strobe.


Door Entry Communication

Door stations integrate with existing IP camera systems, so you can identify visitors at building access points. Visual Console displays a facility floor plan with intercom icons, so you can quickly pinpoint the call’s origin.

Stations support built-in door release and forward calls off-site after hours. Offline conditions are monitored and initiate automatic email notification of station faults.


Call Switches & Panic Buttons

Strategically located call buttons may be combined with virtual call-in buttons on desktop and laptop PCs to initiate calls to designated locations. Call stations are fully supervised and monitored for connectivity.


Intercom Stations

eStations are constructed with rugged 11 gauge stainless steel to withstand everyday wear and tear and are featured in zero, one, two and three button styles.

Two and Three Button Stations have the unique ability to be configured to receive call-ins acting like a Master Console. All station models have a relay contact to integrate to third-party devices like door access and cameras.


Speakers & Horns

Clear high-definition audio is critical for routine and emergency announcements. Make both live pages and pre-recorded announcements to one zone or across your entire facility. You can also simply play music.


No Recurring Fees

No one has a budget for recurring fees. That’s why once you buy an eSeries product, its yours. No strings attached.


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