A layered approach to emergency preparedness

Built on a solid, Ethernet foundation with no single point of failure, we make it simple to initiate your message, notify recipients with both audio and visual announcements, and know your message has been received. Our layered solutions are designed to be built out over time easing budget constraints with no recurring fees.


  • Intercom, Public Address, Emergency Messaging and Clock/Time Management
  • Crisis Management/Mass Notification
  • Lockdown/ Weather Alerts/Fire /Medical Emergencies
  • District or Campus-Wide Broadcasts
  • Immediate SMS and Email Notification to first responders, security and staff
  • Mobile Quick Access on your smartphone
  • Digital Signage and Strobes for visual aid and direction
  • Unlimited Bell/Tone Scheduling
  • Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
  • Seamless Integration with Phones, Access Control, IP Cameras and other third-party solutions

eSeries Public Address and Intercom Solution is the result of years of design expertise with an architecture based on Ethernet connectivity.

Devices simply connect to the POE network drop to become fully functional and each endpoint communicates directly without the intervention of any intermediate device or server.

  • No centralized head-end, server or controller
  • No central point of failure
  • Supervised end-point devices
  • Easily expandable and upgradable

Routine and emergency messaging should start with simple and quick access. No matter which method is used to initiate the message, the flow in an emergency is seamless and engages pre-programmed emergency announcements. (Alyssa’s Law Compliant)

  • Fixed and Virtual Call/Panic Buttons
  • Door Entry Stations with integration to existing video cameras
  • Area of Refuge Stations with ADA Compliance
  • eDesktop Graphical User Interface with shortcuts to operations and commands
  • Visual Console Graphical User Interface

Ensure every message is clearly heard and seen by all stakeholders. Combine and strategically place a variety of devices for clear and concise delivery throughout all indoor and outdoor areas of your facility or campus.

Quickly manage critical situations by layering on-site communication with text and email notifications to first responders.

  • HDTV Digital Signage
  • All-In-One Speaker, Strobe, and Message Display
  • Strobe Integration
  • District-Wide Paging and Mass Notification
  • Visual Console Graphical User interface

Confirm emergency messages are received and stay informed with Visual Console’s easy-to-use graphical user interface. Receive real-time room status during a Lockdown to quickly identify trouble areas.

  • Acknowledgements with real-time classroom status
  • District-wide Visual Console Graphical User Interface
  • 24/7 recording of all Public Address system events for historical lookup

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