Greenville County School District

"Effective and efficient..I would recommend Telecor to other districts."

Through an in-depth needs analysis, Clearview School District identified numerous challenges with their existing communication infrastructure.

At the top of the list was the need to effectively relay both routine and emergency messages with all internal classrooms at both schools and to have a communication bridge between...

Greenville County School District

"eSeries is an amazing product…I don’t know that we could have asked for a better…"

Upon a recommendation from a neighboring school district with multiple schools, the Special Services School District reached out to Dave Shinn, CM3's Senior Communications Sales Representative.

Greenville County School District

"Telecor has all the features we need and it was priced within our budget."

Like many school districts, Phoenix Elementary School District had obsolete communication equipment and parts and service were hard to find. Managing and maintaining the old systems was difficult and lockdown and emergency announcements were cumbersome tasks that were not centralized.

Greenville County School District

"Telecor worked closely with all stakeholders."

KGS Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of Canada’s fastest growing consulting firms, was called on to engineer the electrical design for the renovation which included selecting a new Public Address system.

It was important for the new system to have integration capabilities to Westgate’s IP phone system in order to reduce...

Greenville County School District

"Telecor stands the test of time and makes it easy."

The sheer size of Greenville County School District (GCSD) due to the number of schools and staff members, prompted a discussion to standardize on communication technology.

The district technology team wants to ensure a user-friendly intercom and bell system across the district for all schools and minimize the number of parts and technical training required...