Visual Console

Visual Console™ integrates the functionality of a console into the dynamic framework of a PC. By utilizing an easy-to-use graphical interface, routine call processing, paging, audio program distribution, bell scheduling, as well as emergency operations are all simplified through this Windows®-based application.

Facility floor plans can be displayed on a PC screen, providing a visual overview of the facility at a glance. Operations are performed from the desktop through the use of navigation and action tool bars.

Awareness in Real Time.

The easy-to-use graphical interface simplifies call processing, paging, audio distribution, schedules, and emergency operations by organizing graphical element icons onto dedicated pages. In addition, routine operations become automated, removing multi-step console set-up. Emergency communications can be quickly activated through intuitive on-screen icons.

Icons are positioned on floor plans showing the state of intercom stations, paging zones, and devices. Voice communication to selected locations is as easy as clicking on an icon and speaking into the handset.

Operations are conducted from the PC screen, while an Administrative Console or telephone connected to the facility PBX (T2/XL) or eControl Interface and eConsole (eSeries) handle voice communication.


  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Customizable operating screens
  • Simplifies routine call processing and operation activation
  • Dedicated emergency announcement functions including optional recorded message, tones, and scrolling text or coded messages
  • Distributes customizable audio recordings
  • Page individual zones, or dynamically combine zones

Visual Console Documents

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