Nurse Courier DS

Nurse Courier DS™ Software integrates your Nurse Courier System to multiple systems in your facility. Using the software, patient calls are not limited to communicating with just the staff console. This integration enables quicker response times to patient requests, streamlines workflows, and ultimately improves patient care.

Nurse Courier DS Software links your Nurse Call System with mobile phones and pagers resulting in improved response times as requests go directly from the patient to the caregiver.

In addition, call activity, status, patient information and, open call times can be displayed on wall boards and message displays in hallways and common areas. This provides vital information to initiate and complete service tasks.

Management Reporting Software is included in the DS package. It provides comprehensive reporting on caregiver response times, workflow, and historical data on patient call activity.


  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality
  • Track and analyze calling activity
  • Integrate wireless telephones, pocket pagers, marquee displays, and wall boards
  • Automatic call escalation
  • Additional features available through Modules

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