Master Clock

The Telecor Master Clock is a precision clock that provides timing signals to a network of secondary clocks ensuring that all clocks display identical time.

In addition to providing time correction and synchronization, the master clock provides the ability to control the operation of external devices such as bells, tone signals, and external relays throughout the day based on pre-scheduled times that are programmed into the master clock.

Timekeeping precision to ensure all clocks display identical time accurately.

Built-in event scheduling provides the ability to activate remote devices to transmit tones or activate bells to signal class changes in educational facilities or shift changes, breaks, etc. in factory environments.

Multiple time schedules can be programmed on the master clock and enabled for the activation of different events on different days. Schedules can be edited, enabled or disabled by the end-user. In addition, events can be activated by the front panel controls or by push buttons wired to available input points on the Master Clock.

Events can include a variety of elements such as bells, tones, activating relays and auxiliary devices, coded messages and playing audio such as announcements or music.


  • Accurate Timekeeping Correction for Digital and Analog Clock Network
  • Rack or Surface Mount Models
  • Advanced Microprocessor Design
  • Programmable directly from Front Panel or PC
  • 16 Character, Alphanumeric, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Menu-Driven Display to Prompt User
  • Quick Programming Feature
  • Quick Analog Clock Programming
  • Automatically corrects for power failure
  • Built-in calendar, automatic daylight savings time, and holidays
  • Enhanced messaging for Telecor digital clocks
  • Clock Messages can be set to flash, illuminate, steadily scroll or toggle between two messages
  • Over 250 priority levels

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