eMH Message Host

The eMH Masterclock and Message Host provides everything you need to schedule events, synchronize secondary clocks, manage events and much more.

eMH Message Host Details

Web-based GUI for managing eSeries operations.

The eMH incorporates customizable tones, pre-recorded audio files and textual messages which can be activated automatically by schedules and broadcast to eSeries devices.

It incorporates a browser based GUI that allows users to connect anywhere using PC’s smart phones and tablets to manage their school schedules.

In emergency situations, the EMH provides the ability to manage emergency response operations in your facility.

In addition, a maintenance portal allows the user to make off-site configuration changes to station devices and monitors the eSeries system for faults.


  • Easy-to-use web based scheduling interface
  • Comprehensive schedules and updating in real time
  • Master Clock functionality synced to NTP
  • Mobile access from anywhere
  • Automated announcements from pre-recorded audio message files
  • Automated digital messaging
  • Manage emergency response activation
  • Built-in emergency drill management
  • Maintenance portal for off-site system management
  • Fault notification

eMH Message Host Documents

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