eDesktop is a software application that allows your desktop to act as a graphical user interface for the eSeries communication system.

Shortcuts to files containing command interface protocol instructions for eSeries operations are configured as desired and allows administrative operations to be performed with a simple mouse click.

Use Your Desktop as a Graphical User Interface for eSeries Communication Operations

eDesktop can generate a pre-programmed series of user operations from a single action, reducing time and increasing efficiency.

Combined with the scripting feature introduced by the eCI Control Interface, perform sophisticated multi-step operations with a simple point and click.

Shortcuts can activate virtually any eSeries function by simply clicking on the shortcut icon. These include activating: alerts, audio distributions, coded and plain text messages, intercom operations, and more.

A number of default scripts are used to generate customized shortcuts according to the needs of a facility. These shortcuts are then placed directly on the Windows desktop or another desired file folder or network location.


  • Allows Windows users to interact with the eSeries communication system and quickly initiate operations
  • Uses Microsoft Windows as a graphical user interface
  • Assigns eSeries operations to desktop shortcuts
  • On-the-fly user input for custom clock message distributions
  • Use Scripting and Group Zone features for simple control of sophisticated multi-step operations
  • Desktop Panic Button with keyboard shortcut
  • Call directory to quickly and easily place calls
  • Automatically logs interaction with eSeries system
  • Integrates with Telecor’s DWConnect for automatically generated SMS messages, Windows computer popups, and/or emails
  • Confirmation prompt for operations
  • Companion to the eCI Control Interface

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