eCall is a virtual call station that provides call-in capabilities from your work station.

Calls are placed by clicking on the virtual call button on the PC Screen. This initiates a call to an eConsole and when answered, voice communications are instantly established with the caller.

eCall Details

Virtual Call Station on Your Desktop

Designed to mimic the look and behavior of physical eCS series call stations, eCall features interactive and animated virtual buttons which react to user inputs such a mouse click or finger press on touch screen devices.

eCall can be customized to combine various buttons and their associate features from different eCS series call station models.

eCall Status LED supports related features including Call Assurance and notification of station related trouble with Status LED blinks.

The application can be deployed on both fixed and mobile PC's. The user is automatically prompted to register their room location when moving from classroom to classroom.


  • Interactive and animated graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Displays room number
  • Mix features of different eCS series call stations onto a single interface
  • Minimizes to and resides in notification area
  • Supplements or replaces physical eCS stations
  • Supports multiple call-in destinations and a separate emergency call-in destination
  • Compatible with Visual Console for eSeries, DWConnect, and DWConnect LT
  • Add-on for eMH Master Clock and Message Host

eCall Documents

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