AssureCom™ is a complete solution for both everyday and emergency communication needs of your school or district.

A multi-tiered communications approach including audio broadcasts, digital signage, SMS text messaging, email and PC pop-up notification assures the message gets to the intended recipients every time.

AssureCom Details

A mutli-layered approach to communications.

Telecor’s advanced technology puts all your day-to-day communication operations on your PC and at your fingertips. AssureCom also allows for quick, easy and reliable access for your day-to-day communication through existing PBX and Telecor administrative phones.

The first step in managing a crisis is to communicate. AssureCom is comprehensive and fast and can help occupants find safety in an unsafe situation.

AssureCom provides flexible support to your staff to manage a crisis. By adapting to existing response plans, AssureCom supports successful execution of those plans.


  • Layered approach integrates existing systems
  • Coordinate communications within single building, campus or region
  • Notifications via live or pre-recorded audio, SMS text messages, and computer pop-up messages
  • Instant district wide notification
  • Supervise status of all areas in real time
  • Training tool for routine drills
  • One-touch message access received on multiple devices

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